EMTALA: Medical Screening and Treatment of Emergency Medical Conditions

To ensure that individuals coming to an affiliated Hospital's Dedicated Emergency Department seeking assessment or treatment for a medical condition, or coming to Hospital Property requesting (or obviously requiring) treatment for an Emergency Medical Condition receive an appropriate Medical Screening Examination as required by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act ("EMTALA"), 42 U.S.C., Section 1395 and all Federal regulations and interpretive guidelines promulgated thereunder, and, if an Emergency Medical Condition is determined to exist, such individuals are offered stabilizing treatment within the Hospital's capabilities and/or are transferred if appropriate, all without regard to the patient's insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Any individual who comes to the Hospital Property or Premises requesting examination or treatment is entitled to and shall be provided an appropriate Medical Screening Examination performed by a physician or other Qualified Medical Personnel to determine whether or not an Emergency Medical Condition exists. If an Emergency Medical Condition is found to exist, the Hospital will (without regard for the patient's insurance coverage or ability to pay) provide: (a) stabilizing treatment within the capabilities of the Hospital and its staff (including on-call physicians and diagnostic services), and/or (b) an appropriate transfer to another medical facility (if required for the patient's treatment or requested by the patient).

Some states have separate emergency services laws or transfer requirements that may apply additional legal requirements to the Medical Screening Examination, diagnostic testing, stabilizing medical treatment, or transfers. Affiliated Hospitals should consult with Operations Counsel to identify and comply with any such requirements in addition to EMTALA.

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