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We are pleased that you and your physician have selected us to provide your medical care. As always, we are dedicated to providing you with quality care in a friendly, courteous and professional atmosphere.

What are our visiting hours?
We don't have any. We recognize that having your family and visitors around you for support can enhance your healing. We encourage visitors so that your hospital stay can be a more enjoyable and familiar experience. We do request that there be no more than three visitors in a room at one time. In our Intensive Care Unit, we request no more than two at a time. Children are permitted, at the discretion of parents, as long as the patient has agreed to the visit. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. The safety of our visitors and patients is our highest priority. To promote proper healing, please wash or sanitize your hands before entering any patient's room. People with colds, sore throats or any other contagious diseases are advised not to visit patients in the hospital.

After 9:00 p.m., we request that any family member or visitor who chooses to remain in the hospital obtain a visitor’s badge at the nurses’ station. As a friendly reminder, an announcement will be made at that time.

The hospital is a tobacco-free facility. Visitors are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products in patient rooms or anywhere else in the hospital or on the campus grounds or parking areas.

Hospitalist Physician Program

Hospitalists are board-certified physicians who only see inpatients at the hospital. They are available around the clock and provide care that integrates seamlessly with the care provided by your regular physician. Hospitalists have a thorough understanding of Fauquier Hospital procedures and resources, familiarity with our staff, and are there for you when you need care.

Hospitalists communicate any necessary information to your regular physician so that he or she can follow through on your treatment plan after your discharge from the hospital.

Working with a hospitalist team can benefit physicians as well. Your physician will have fewer delays and interruptions during normal office hours, enabling him or her to devote more time to keeping you and your family healthier. If you need to go to the hospital, your physician will know that you will have 24- hour access to a skilled hospitalist who will work with him or her to return you to optimum health.

Clinical Students

In support of our local community and to assist in the development of future health care professionals, Fauquier Health partners with local colleges and universities to serve as a clinical rotation site for students in established programs of study. Students may be working in various departments of the hospital, including the nursing floors, medical imaging, rehabilitation and in the pharmacy, among others. They wear distinctive ID badges that identify them as students.

Planetree Designated Facility
Planetree is all about people caring for people. At Fauquier Hospital, we provide friendly, nurturing, compassionate and personalized care.
Researching a health condition?
Researching a diagnosis or health condition?
Search our extensive online health resources.
Coming to the hospital as a patient or visitor and need to find your way around? Download a map of the first floor of the hospital to help you find your way around the hospital.
The Wellness Center
The Wellness Center
Fauquier Hospital's Wellness Center offers an individualized and medically based exercise and education programs to improve your health.
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